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Who is your favourite Whedonverse character and why?

I tried to think of an answer but there’s too many to choose from so my brain exploded.

  1. murpworks answered: Kaylee ‘cause she so shiny!
  2. disseria answered: Simon Tam, because he’s ridiculously good-looking, and also a smart and brave and sweet man.
  3. grandmasterofsplendidhappiness answered: Mal.
  4. atrengraves answered: River, because of River babble.
  5. acestephens answered: Black widow. Because shes awesome.
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    I tried to think of an answer but there’s too many to choose from so my brain exploded.
  7. futuredudeman answered: Willow Rosenberg, because WILLOW ROSENBERG.
  8. hellomiddleclass answered: Fucked up question. Anya bc she’s frank & earnest. Fred bc Amy dropped the mic on on that role. I can’t think about either w/out crying.
  9. incompetentgenius answered: Serenity…because the ship was always a character in my mind.
  10. forfuckssakekinney answered: Billy, easily. He’s just misunderstood and socially awkward, but he’s good at heart and tries his hardest.
  11. theothers-takeyou answered: Faith because she was so badass and unapologetic, she made me root for the bad guys
  12. loveablegeek answered: Kaylee Frye, probably
  13. peaches7217 answered: Hard choice, but Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. The most character development, the most conflicted, interesting, deep character.Plus, I mean, Fresley
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  15. vilala answered: WILLOW. Her transformation and Whedons unapolegetic portrayal of a person exploring their sexuality was extremely influencial to many people.
  16. quakerhobbit answered: Giles because he’s English and a librarian and the best father-figure ever and tries to help without being judgy and is just glorious.
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    This is the hardest question ever.
  18. borednihilist answered: Mal, because he he’s a badass with a heart of gold.
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    Buffy. Because Buffy.
  20. music768 answered: Malcom Reynolds
  21. mustcollectallthethings answered: I can’t chooooose becase there are so many I love
  22. bgk16 answered: Wash, Mal, Xander, Willow….too many!
  23. andreeapeach answered: Spike…… Mal,Topher….hard shell, soft core :)
  24. ironbornslayer answered: Wesley Wyndam - Motherfucking - Pryce…for obvious reasons of heartbreak and badassery.
  25. youvegotmetoblame answered: Giles because motherfucking Giles
  26. halfbeaks answered: The Cheese Man because he wears the cheese, it does not wear him
  27. kidah answered: Oz. Because Oz.
  28. browncoatcris answered: Captain Malcolm Reynolds, ‘cause he’s a big damn hero and he don’t knows!
  29. isisnocturne1369 answered: Spike - he had the most growth throughout his seasons on Buffy.
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    Willow Rosenberg - because of how she changed so much and still stayed the same. Also, she showed that geekgirls are...
  31. sensanitea answered: Topher, because he made Dollhouse a lot of fun to watch and i really enjoyed how quirky and messed up but also sympathetic he was.
  32. sludge-puppy answered: anya. she always seemed to act like a proxy for me in the story. she was frank and never hesitated to call the cast on their bullshit.
  33. aiming-to-misbehave answered: Zoe Washburne because she’s is so independent, and I admire that.
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